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London bridgeThe School is a Language Centre, that is, we only teach languages. It forms part of a quite large net of Language Schools distributed all round Spain. In the bigger ones - for instance, Madrid or Barcelona - you have an offer of more than 20 languages. Ours is more modest and it only has three languages - English, French and German - and eleven teachers ( seven in the English Department ) Our students are a mixture of adults and teenagers; the minimum age to register is sixteen (sometimes fourteen) and -at least theroretically- there is no age limit. As this is not compulsory education and we have a large number of adult students, motivation tends to be much higher than in High Schools. Another advantage is that we don´t have to face any serious problems of indiscipline or disruptive behaviour among our younger students.

We have our own builiding and great facilities: a conference hall, a language lab, self-access room, cafeteria, all classrooms with TV, audio, internet anc computer facilities.  We have five years, divided into three levels: Basic (A2+), Intermediate (B1), and Advanced (B2). All levels lead to certificates related to the levels of the Council of Europe.

We are most interested in contacting centres in Europe wanting to participate in exchange programmes. Should you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


c/ Aguas de Hospital s/n 18600 Motril (Granada) Tel: 958 64 96 72 Corporativo: 19 96 72
Fax: 958 64 96 73